Stade Marcel-Tribut

Capacity4 999
Country France
ClubsSUL Dunkerque
CategoryDesign implemented
Cost€ 14 mln
Construction10.2017 - 2020
Design Sockeel Architectes, Olgga Architecte
Design time 2016-2017


Stade Marcel-Tribut – design description

The current Stade Marcel Tribut in Dunkirk will be completely reconstructed without the need of USL Dunkerque playing their games outside the city. The concept by Sockeel / Olgga offices (from Dunkirk and Lille, respectively) foresees one stand being built first and the other following a year later.

The new south side, first one to undergo reconstruction, will host 2,252 people on regular seats, 47 visitors with limited mobility and 138 VIP guests. The latter group will be houses on top of the stand and also have a strip of 15 private boxes.

The north stand will add further 2,486 regular seats and both parts of the stadium will be connected by a curved promenade in the west. Underneath this decorative bridge shops and other outlets can be created to make the stadium attractive around the week.

All of the plan is expected to cost €14 million to deliver and result in capacity of 4,999 covered seats. In case USL Dunkerque grow enough to exceed such size, each end (west / east) has room for additional 1,500 seats, allowing the ground to reach 8,000.



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