Košická Futbalová Aréna

Capacity12 658
Country Slovakia
ClubsFC Košice
CategoryDesign implemented
Cost€ 22 M ($ 24 M)
Design HESCON, adif architects (chief architect Csaba Ambrus)
Contractor consortium AVA-stav i OHL ŽS SK (I stage), AVA-stav (II stage)


Košická Futbalová Aréna – design description

How did the design for a new football stadium in Košice develop?

On June 16, 2014, the Košice authorities established Košická Futbalová Aréna a.s., which was to be responsible for the construction of a new stadium to become the main football arena in the city. The new stadium was to be built in the southern part of the city, not far from the site of the former 30,000-seat Všešportový areál.

The first, unrealized plans called for the construction of a stadium for 9080 spectators. In November 2015, the first preparatory work and archaeological research began. In the following years, however, construction did not go beyond site preparation work.

The final design was prepared by HESCON and adif architects. The chief architect of the stadium was Csaba Ambrus. The concept was to create a modern, football-specific facility with a simple, rectangular form and single-level stands around the pitch. The stadium was to hold 12,625 spectators and meet UEFA Category IV requirements.

What does the concept for the new football stadium in Košice entail?

The architects initially planned to keep the facility in the colours associated with the city, yellow and blue, but later decided on a more subdued colour scheme. The stands were to feature a mosaic made up of seats in white and shades of grey. The grey, translucent façade was to give the arena a more neutral yet elegant character.

The main stand, with VIP boxes and complete facilities, is planned for the west side. Facilities are to include four changing rooms, a medical suite, technical area, social and administrative spaces, media areas, restaurants and even a chapel. The sub-tribune will receive four storeys (including one underground), and from the outside the building will take the form of a glass pavilion.

On the other sides, the stands will be surrounded by a steel substructure clad in a translucent grey material. The façade will be given an original, granular form. At night, the facility will be able to be illuminated. The stands will be fully covered by a roof with glazed end sections. Floodlights and video screens will be mounted on the roof. The stadium will have a pitch with heated turf. Parking and green areas are planned around the facility.

When was the first phase of the new football stadium in Košice implemented?

The main contractor for the stadium was a consortium of AVA-stav and OHL ŽS SK. The contract was signed on April 17, 2018. The first months after the contract was signed were mainly devoted to preparing the design documentation and obtaining permits. The symbolic start of the actual construction work took place on October 29, 2018.

Due to budgeting issues, it was decided to divide the construction into phases. Initially, two stands along the pitch were to be built, the realisation of the stands behind the goals was to take place next and was conditional on securing funding.

The opening of the stadium was delayed, and the first meeting - a friendly match between FC Košice and Slavoj Trebišov (2:0) - was played there on February 12, 2022. The construction of the first phase (two stands along the pitch, including the main stand with backstage facilities) cost more than €16 million.

A presentation of Košická Futbalová Aréna after the completion of the first stage of construction can be seen on a separate subpage

When will Košická Futbalová Aréna be fully completed?

In December 2021, the Slovak government approved €4 million in funding to enable the construction of the stands behind the goals. Their construction, at a cost of €5.86 million, started on April 17, 2023 and is expected to be completed in the spring of 2024. There are still plans for a football academy to be built around the stadium, which would include four full-size training pitches.

A coverage of the second phase of the construction of Košice Futbal Arena can be found on a separate page

What is the role of Košická Futbalová Aréna?

With the opening of two stands, the facility can accommodate 5836 spectators and meets the requirements of UEFA Category III, and after the addition of stands behind the goals, it will meet the requirements of UEFA Category IV. The stadium is hosted by FC Košice, who were promoted to the Fortuna Liga in 2023. After Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the players of SC Dnipro-1 played their matches in European cups at this stadium. The facility can also host a variety of non-sporting events and activities.

It is envisaged that the Slovak national football team will occasionally play at the stadium when it is fully completed. The stadium is also expected to be one of the arenas for the European Under-21 Championship to be held in Slovakia in 2025. The facility can also host a variety of non-sporting events and activities.



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