AFAS Stadion

Capacity18 500
Country Belgium
ClubsKV Mechelen
CategoryDesign implemented
Construction05.2015 - 2019
Design Engineering Survey Architecture
Design time 2013


AFAS Stadion – design description

The plan initially included two new stands being built in the north (first phase) and south (second), together forming an L-shape with filled corners.

Both the new stands, delivered by late 2016, are double-tiered with entire lower tier dedicated for safe standing and upper decks all-seated. The west end also has skyboxes built between the two levels.

Additionally a new disabled spectators section was created behind the eastern goal as an independent structure. Its neighbouring old south stand was thoroughly renovated in 2017.

Altogether the new stands brought a capacity increase of 5,000, bringing it tot 18,500. To save the neighbouring houses from excessive traffic with limited parking, the club suggested to provide a shuttle service for fans from more distant parking sites.

Also as part of means to gain local community's approval a new day care is planned under the new stands, addressing the city's great need for such services.

In late 2017 the club announced a brand new main stand would be built. With roughly 2,000 seats it wouldn't change capacity in a significant way. It does, however, provide 2 floors of skyboxes, which means the commercial potential of the stadium would multiply. The work was carried out between 2018 and 2019.



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