Phoenix Rising Stadium

Capacity21 000
Country United States of America
ClubsPhoenix Rising
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
Design Populous, Gould Evans


Phoenix Rising Stadium – design description

Planned for 21,000 people, the new stadium in Phoenix is expected to be one of the best across MLS in terms of accommodation to local weather conditions. Architects from Populous and Gould Evans used a long series of measures aimed at mitigating the heat and strong sunshine of Arizona, regardless of event times.

First, the canopy. Placed high above the auditorium, the roof won't block natural ventilation. Its vast surface will provide shading for both the stands, 360-degree concourse around them and direct vicinity of the stadium.

Dominant canopy over the main west side is profiled in a way that ensures all supporters are shaded during games played at 7pm or later. Beneath the canopy fans will be installed to improve air movement, while misting will add further to the comfort.

Not ending here, care for fans' comfort is extended outside the stadium. Paving has been limited to crucial access routes in order to prevent surfaces from rapidly heating up. Significant number of trees will provide natural shade, while water walls should cool down not just fans, but also the air entering the stadium.



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