St. Louis MLS Stadium

Capacity20 000
Country United States of America
CitySt. Louis
ClubsSt. Louis FC
CategoryDesign outdated
Cost$200 mln
Design HOK
Design time 2016


St. Louis MLS Stadium – design description

New football stadium in St. Louis would be built beside Union Station, in west downtown. Currently the site is underdeveloped, occupied mostly by highway connectors. Once new ones are ready, the 11-hectare site would be free for development.

The scheme foresees a football-specific stadium for 20,000 people, along with 1,400 parking places and significant public green areas. Should St. Louis FC succeed in MLS, the stadium might expand to 28,500 seats, primarily by adding a large second tier to the east stand.

The dynamic vision created by HOK is based on a sunken, continuous lower tier and varying upper structures, with significant corporate sections. All this should be available within a budget of under $200 million, though it’s understood at least 40% would need to come from public coffers.



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