Los Angeles Stadium

Capacity65 000
Country United States of America
ClubsChargers, Raiders
CategoryDesign outdated
Cost$ 1.7 bln / mld
Design Manica Architecture
Design time 2015


Los Angeles Stadium – design description

The concept was created by Manica Architecture and foresees a new NFL stadium near the 405 freeway in Carson, LA (close to LA Galaxy’s home). The seating layout would provide one open end and a dynamic, futuristic envelope of all stands.

This is already the second iteration of the proposed Los Angeles Stadium, released just three months after the original one. While the first concept was reportedly developed with feedback from only one NFL club, this vision was created with both expected hosts – San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders. Its capacity is estimated at 65,000, representing a minor decrease from 68,000 (expandable to 72,000).

Aesthetically, the concept’s most distinctive element was the 120-foot (37-meter) cauldron, which would light a flame when Raiders score or electric charges when the Chargers score during their home games. This element of the concept was removed in an updated version of the design, however, and replaced with more universal football monument.

Aside from that, the stadium would be neutral in terms of colouring, with metallic, sleek outer wrap only being subject to illumination on matchdays. The stadium’s cost is estimated at $1.7 billion, which would make it not only the most expensive in the USA, but worldwide. Both NFL franchises estimated public funding could be avoided, but there seems to be high skepticism towards this declaration.



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