San Siro (II)

Capacity61 700
Country Italy
ClubsAC Milan, FC Inter
CategoryDesign not meant to be implemented
Cost€ 250 mln
Design JM Architecture


San Siro (II) – design description

Created by Jacopo Mascheroni's team, this concept foresees preservation of two lower rings of seating at San Siro and nothing else. This means that both the iconic red roof (though its main trusses would be relocated to nearby public green areas as decoration), third tier and 11 spiral towers would be dismantled entirely.

This brings the stadium back to its form from 1955-1987 and is the starting point for changes. Stairways enveloping the stadium would become the new facade, decorated with white lamelas. Above them a brand new roof is planned, this time tightly covering the auditorium, adorned with diamond-shaped ETFE cushions. Instead of current 68 meters, the stadium would have a less imposing height of 42 meters.

To make the best of available space, the architects suggest lowering the field and creating 7 additional rows of seating, some 3,000 seats in total. All of them would be dedicated to most affluent supporters, which means the corporate seating total would stand at 9,500, a very significant number out of 61,700 total.

Because the 1955 stairways create a robust envelope around the stadium and don't allow expansion of facilities underneath the stands, additional floor spaces would be created outside the stadium, as a new independent pavilion, also used as new, comfortable entrance gates for all fans. Part of the pavilion would be under ground to create even more space without impacting the stadium's appearance.

Entirety of the projected works could be – according to the architects – delivered within a sensible budget of €250 million, far below the budget proposed for a new stadium by Inter and Milan. Work would likely take up to 3 years.



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