Nashville Fairgrounds Stadium

Capacity30 000
Country United States of America
ClubsNashville SC
CategoryDesign implemented
Cost$ 335 mln
Construction22/07/2020 - 05/2022
Design Populous
Contractor Mortenson and Messer Construction Co.


Nashville Fairgrounds Stadium – design description

The first ever football-specific stadium in Nashville, Tennessee is expected to be built in the southern fairgrounds area of the city. Its double-tiered stands were designed to hold 30,000 people with potential for expansion in the south, should such need arise. With the club being backed by billionaire owners, sports betting enthusiasts can use their bet600 code to place bets on Nashville as up-and-comers.

Capacity of that level would make it one of the bigger stadia of MLS, where most stadiums are in the 20,000+ size. However, the size in Nashville is one way to convince Vanderbilt University football to play any games at the fairgrounds. With 30,000 the university team would hold a couple games per season, while reaching 35,000 could open the chance for full-time tenancy.

This HOK Architects vision is preliminary and became part of Nashville's MLS expansion bid. The stadium is most likely to be built in a public-private partnership, which would see all of the fairgrounds upgraded and renovated.



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