Stadion Sandecji

Capacity8 111
Country Poland
CityNowy Sącz
CategoryDesign being implemented
CostPLN 100 M ($25 M)
Construction06/2021 – 06/2023
Design ABM - Anna i Bartosz Michalscy


Stadion Sandecji – design description

Having failed in delivering a more ambitious stadium scheme, the city of Nowy Sącz decided to opt for a phased and optimised development. It foresees delivery of two permanent, reinforced-concrete grandstands and a compact away section.

Only once the stadium is in operation, completion of two further grandstands would be pursued, depending on ticket demand. Phasing in such way ensures the stadium meets highest domestic requirements from the very start, only missing capacity to reach the UEFA-mandated Category 4.

The new layout will mimic the old one, albeit in a football-specific fashion. The main stand will be located in the south, fanatics would sit in the north, while the away section would be located behind the west goal. That section will, in first several seasons at least, consist of two tubular stands for 270 people (combined) and container toilets.

The main stand will have 16 rows and a total of 2,622 seats, with commentator cabins and/or boxes. Due to spatial constraints, the main stand will have bulk of facilities in the west, while the east side will be cut to not intrude on nearby street. The north side offers 10 rows and a total of 1,620 seats, all covered.



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