Stadion Dinama Zagreb

Capacity34 000
Country Croatia
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
Cost€ 60 mln
Design Otto Barić Jr.


Stadion Dinama Zagreb – design description

The successor of Zagreb’s infamous Maksimir stadium is designed to avoid mistakes of the past, giving Dinamo infrastructure worthy of Croatia’s strongest club. The key part for supporters is a robust, compact seating bowl, which includes three tiers of seating to guarantee optimal sightlines.

For the football club matchday revenue is key, which is why 3,000 VIP places are planned (2,000 in the west and 1,000 in the east), a number far beyond old Maksimir. Disabled supporters, in turn, are to have 5 seats per 1,000 regular ones, totalling at 170, plus the same amount for companions.

The defining architectural feature is the facade created with thousands of convex trapezoidal panels. Each of them would have lighting mounted into its side wall. This simple step enables the creation of interesting visual effects, changing as fans walk along the stadium. Because the facade is opaque, the roof is elevated to improve ventilation. Such solution allows for the roof to be illuminated independently.

The project includes a strictly limited number of parking spaces (only 300 for VIP and 30 for VVIP guests), while bulk of the space around is to be dedicated to public plazas for fans. According to Dinamo’s estimate, the entire scheme can be delivered within 3 years.



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