New AC Milan Stadium

Capacity48 000
Country Italy
ClubsAC Milan
CategoryDesign outdated
Cost€ 300-320 mln
Design Arup


New AC Milan Stadium – design description

The concept developed by joint teams of Italian and international specialists (Politecnico di Milano, Arup) envisages building AC Milan’s stadium within a multi-use complex. The stadium itself will be completely surrounded by secondary functions and with the use of sound-proof materials should not disrupt local residents’ lives even on event days.

Though equipped with retractable roof and despite its 48,000 capacity, the building should rise only to 30 meters above ground. This was made possible by the use of sunken lower tier, which will be entirely located under ground level.

The stadium’s difficult location on Fiera Milano’s fairgrounds proved impossible to use standard north-south axis. The building will thus be rotated and closer to the east-west axis.

Implementation is now dependent on local authorities. Should plans go on as hoped by the club, opening might take place as early as in 2018. The project is budgeted at €300-320 million.   



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