San Diego Stadium

Capacity65 000
Country United States of America
CitySan Diego
CategoryDesign outdated
Cost$ 1.8 bln / mld
Design Manica Architecture
Design time 2016


San Diego Stadium – design description

Commissioned by San Diego Chargers, this concept of a new NFL stadium envisions locating this large building in downtown, near the baseball Petco Park. It would occupy vast and underused parking sites currently occupying two blocks.

Full name of the complex is the Sand Diego Stadium and Convention Center, because these two uses are to be conjoined, in a way even mixed. Structurally they would be separate (convention center in the west and stadium – east), able to hold events independently without disruptions to one-another.

But at the same time the buildings could aid each other. As an example, the west end of the stadium is open towards the convention center’s roof, which would comprise a semi-public plaza with viewing deck. Also, with the stadium’s retractable roof, it could be used as exposition space and convention halls might serve as secondary venues.

The stadium seating would have permanent roof throughout the year and the retractable part could make it a dome. Western open end, from where fans may spill from the stadium onto the viewing deck, might be used for temporary expansion, should San Diego hold the Super Bowl or other large events.



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