Stadium for Indiana

Capacity18 500
Country United States of America
ClubsIndy Eleven
CategoryDesign outdated
Cost$ 82 mln
Design time 2015


Stadium for Indiana – design description

Double-tiered stands along the field, single large terrace for supporters behind one goal and an open view of the skyline on the other end – that’s the 18,500-capacity layout told short. Stadium for Indiana is expected to become an NASL (possibly MLS later) venue for Indy Eleven, but it would be available for up to 50 large events per year.

The outer shape or in fact the entire layout should not be taken for granted though. The images released in January 2015 are of very initial nature and “almost certain to change” significantly. At this moment no specific location for the stadium has been indicated.

Building the stadium should consume $82 million (€72m) and take up to two years. Its final financing model attempts to avoid public outcry over using taxpayer money. The stadium would be public property, but funds needed to build it would be recovered from additional tax and ticket revenue generated by the stadium over the next 30 years.



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