Nuovo stadio del Milan a San Donato

Capacity70 000
Country Italy
CitySan Donato Milanese
ClubsAC Milan
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
Cost€1 B ($1.05 B)
Design MANICA Architecture


Nuovo stadio del Milan a San Donato – design description

How did plans to build a new stadium for AC Milan in San Donato originate?

Milan's San Siro stadium, home to two of the city's famous clubs, AC Milan and Inter, has been in existence since 1926. Following its last major expansion before the 1990 World Cup, the venue is the largest stadium in Italy and its distinctive features make it one of the most emblematic and recognisable football venues in the world.

Despite this, the possibility of decorated clubs moving to the new venue had been discussed for some time. AC Milan, in particular, has led the way. When Milan's initial ideas didn't pan out, the clubs started working on a new stadium that they would use together, similar to the San Siro.

In 2019, two concepts for a new stadium were created by renowned studios, Populous and Manica & Progetto CMR. At the end of 2021, it was decided to choose Populous' vision. The new facility was to be built next to the San Siro, which was then planned to be demolished. The project, named 'Cathedral', was to refer to Milan's historic architecture.

Bureaucratic procedures and the need to hold public consultations severely slowed down the project, and Milan officials once again began to consider building their own facility in another location. Considerations included the La Maura racecourse, as well as the town of Sesto San Giovanni, located about 10 km north of Milan's city center.

The final choice was San Donato Milanese, less than 10 km south-east of the conurbation center. The new stadium was to be built at the San Francesco site, on a plot of land located between the A1 motorway and the railway line, next to the train station and about 1.5 km from the metro station. The site is owned by SportLifeCity. Previously, a large sports arena was planned for the site.

When was the initial concept for the new stadium at San Donato conceived?

In June 2023, AC Milan bought a 90% stake in SportLifeCity. At the same time, the Manica studio (the same studio that had previously worked on the rejected concept for the new stadium next to San Siro) was engaged to work on the concept for the new stadium. On September 27, 2023, preliminary renderings of the new venue were presented.

What is the design brief for the new stadium at San Donato?

The stadium is to have a football-specific profile and its stands will accommodate 70,000 spectators. The surroundings of the arena will include AC Milan's new headquarters, a museum and club shop, a hotel, a commercial and leisure center, as well as car parks and green areas. New access roads and paths are also planned.

The facilities are expected to attract visitors beyond match days, and one of the aims of the project is also an emphasis on sustainability. The new stadium is expected to offer spectators greater comfort, improved visibility and a better match experience. Among other things, the stadium is to feature a terrace with views of the surrounding area and the largest video screens in Italy.

The stadium's location near the junction of the A1 and A51 motorways will result in thousands of people a day passing by, making it easier to attract entities interested in title sponsorship of the venue.

When will the new stadium in San Donato be built?

According to initial estimates, work could begin in 2025 and the new facility would be ready for the start of the 2028/29 season. There are no details of the costs yet, but initial calculations say that the project will cost at least one billion euros, of which the club would like to make around ⅓ of its own contribution, with the rest coming from loans.

What is Inter planning at the same time?

It should be added that a preliminary concept for a new stadium was also presented by Milan's derby rival Inter on October 12, 2023. Inter's new stadium is to be built in Rozzano, located about 10 km south of Milan's city center. The main features of the project are similar: the stadium will have a capacity of 70,000 spectators and construction is tentatively scheduled to take place between 2025 and 2028. This means that Milan's two main clubs could simultaneously start building new venues in the suburbs and soon move out of San Siro.



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