Sportpark Ronhof

Capacity18 100
Country Germany
ClubsGreuther Fürth
CategoryDesign implemented
Cost€ 17 mln
Construction01.2016 - 08. 2018
Design vision4venue
Design time 2014
Contractor Swietelsky Baugesellschaft
Address Laubenweg 60, 90765 Fürth


Sportpark Ronhof – design description

This concept by vision4venue earned highest praise of former Bundesliga club Greuther Fürth in 2014. It provides for a phased redevelopment of entire stadium at Laubenweg.

Starting in January 2016 the main grandstand (west, over 65 years old) will be torn down and replaced by a new one. In terms of capacity just slightly bigger, but when it comes to comfort a massive change with steeper layout, no obstructed views, over 1,000 business seats and more.

This part is divided into two parts. First one half of the building will be erected, comprising all sporting amenities and club offices. Then the second one will grow, this time with safety monitoring center and club megastore.

Further grandstands will gradually replace old temporary sections built from 1990s onwards. Eventually capacity should grow to over 23,000 instead of 18,000, though the new main grandstand will only raise the size by 100 seats. In 2014 the cost was estimated at €12 million, but in August 2015 the club announced it would pay €17 million for all works.



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