Ascoli Stadium

Capacity16 000
Country Italy
CityAscoli Piceno
ClubsAscoli Picchio
CategoryDesign not meant to be implemented
Cost€ 13 mln
Design Massimo Guidotti Architetto
Design time 2014-2015


Ascoli Stadium – design description

Commissioned by Ascoli Picchio in 2014, this vision foresees complete demolition of existing stands and replacement by a football-only arena enclosed in elliptic outer shell. Consisting of steel and membrane the shell provides a dynamic appearance, ranging in height between 12 and 17 meters. 

Massimo Guidotti and his team aimed at giving a pleasant look with simple resources. The structure would be based on steel and concrete prefabs, which would also allow for easy expansion. Initial capacity was suggested at 16,000, but should Ascoli advance to Serie A, additional rows might be added. This vision was estimated by its authors to cost roughly €13 million, slightly more than the one advertised publicly before.



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