FC Cincinnati Stadium

Capacity21 080
Country United States of America
ClubsFC Cincinnati
CategoryDesign outdated
Cost$ 200 mln
Construction2018-2020 ?
Design Meis Architects
Design time 2017


FC Cincinnati Stadium – design description

The rendered football stadium is planned to be located at a unique spot, where Licking and Ohio rivers meet, exactly at the border of Kentucky and Ohio. In what is now unoccupied land the football club FC Cincinnati would wish to build a stadium for 25,000 people.

Compact and steep, the stands would have a horseshoe layout, at least initially. This way a semi-open, covered public plaza would be created in the north, becoming a vibrant community area on matchdays and weekdays. The entire stadium form would be scuplted in a way to open up towards the north, giving majority of fans during games a great overview of the Cincinnati skyline.

Should FC Cincinnati games become more popular, temporary or permanent expansion could fill the north end, bringing capacity up to 30,000.

Aside from the stadium there would be extensive commercial, residential and associated developments, including a hotel, retail outlets, cafes and offices. However, all that is based on the presumption that all available land would be possible for acquisition.

The concept is aimed at winning FC Cincinnati a spot in the upcoming MLS expansion programme. Aisde from Newport also two other sites are under consideration: Oakley and West End.



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