Prairieland Soccer Stadium

Capacity5 500
Country Canada
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
CostCAD 28 M
Design PCL Construction, TBD architecture + urban planning


Prairieland Soccer Stadium – design description

Why should a new football stadium be built in Saskatoon?

In 2017, a local initiative was established to create a professional soccer club in Saskatoon to participate at the highest level of Canadian competition. Leading the initiative was Living Sky Sports and Entertainment Inc. (LSSE), led by one of the initiators of the venture, Alan Simpson. In March 2021, the Canadian Premier League (CPL) authorities granted LSSE the right to create a new Saskatoon-based team to join the eight-team league.

As there is no suitable facility in Saskatoon where the new club could play its games, one of the key challenges in the quest to form a team is the development of a stadium. Marquis Downs horse racing track, which closed in 2021 after more than 50 years of operation, was chosen as the site for the new facility. The track is managed by the management of the nearby Prairieland Park event centre, which has responded favourably to plans for a soccer stadium.

When will a new stadium be built in Saskatoon?

On June 7, 2022, a conference was held to unveil plans for the new stadium to a wider audience. Initial estimates put the cost of the facility at around C$28 million. LSSE and Prairieland Park have pledged to contribute C$2 million each. The initiators are mainly counting on support from public funds, hoping to raise about C$7 million each from the city, provincial and federal governments. Private companies are also expected to contribute to the investment. Construction of the arena would start in the spring of 2023, with an opening scheduled before the start of the 2024 season.

What will the new stadium in Saskatoon look like?

The new stadium is to be built on the site of the Marquis Downs horse racing track. The stand of the track is to be retained and will serve as the stand behind the north goal of the football stadium. Two new covered stands will be built along the pitch. Behind the southern goal, there will be an open space with a gently sloping slope overgrown with grass, which will also be used for spectator seating. A covered stage and a large LED screen will be placed there in the central area.

Four floodlight masts will be erected in the corners of the stadium. A pond will be placed behind the southern part of the facility. The capacity of the arena will be 5500 spectators, with the possibility of future expansion. The concept for the new stadium was created by PCL Construction and TBD architecture + urban planning. Although the facility will have a soccer-specific character, it will also serve other sports as well as non-sporting events, including concerts.



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