Stade Gaston-Gérard

Capacity20 000
Country France
ClubsDijon FCO
CategoryDesign implemented
Design Atelier Michel Remon / Cabinet Jean Guervilly


Stade Gaston-Gérard – design description

Initial concept of the new stadium in Dijon was drawn in 2006 at the Atelier Michel Remon. Renowned French architect proposed a unified and simple bowl with football-specific layout instead of the existing athletic one. Creating a single tier of seating with a ring of skyboxes around the entire stadium, all under one roof, was expected to cost €58.3m.

Works were due to be carried out in two phases, both end zones first, then both side stands. This was to enable constant use and more rational financing over longer time span. However, after the completion of second end stand in 2010 (together they cost €21.7m), works were halted. The second phase was first suspended, then changed entirely.

In 2014 a new vision was drawn for the east stand by Cabinet Jean Guervilly. This time with two tiers of regular seats and one strip of commercial space dividing them, the stand will differ significantly and not have any corner sections. However, with roof at the same height as two existing stands it should seem consistent, also possible to connect by corner additions in the future.

The project will go on from May 2015 to May 2017 and cost €18.27m. There is currently no plan of rebuilding the main stand, as was initially planned.



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