Clemson Memorial Stadium

Capacity81 500
Country United States of America
ClubsClemson Tigers
CategoryDesign being implemented


Clemson Memorial Stadium – design description

How will the Clemson Memorial Stadium upgrade proceed?

The project to upgrade Clemson Memorial Stadium, where the Clemson Tigers college football team, representing Clemson University, plays its regular games, has been divided into two phases. The first is scheduled to be carried out in 2022 and is expected to be completed before the start of the college football season in early September.

What is the extent of the first phase of the Clemson Memorial Stadium upgrade?

The upgrade includes installation of a new screen along the new steel structure to support it. The screen will have dimensions of 38 meters by 17 meters, which is roughly the size of a penalty area on a soccer pitch. There will also be a new stadium sound system  installed inside the structure of the screen.

The other two screens in the stadium will also be upgraded together with an LED ribbon display around the perimeter of the venue. New LED floodlighting will be installed throughout the stadium and the venue will also receive new, clear signage.

A premium 'WestZone Concourse Club' space will be created, resulting in more than 600 new seats in the stands. The internal club space will also include private restrooms, restaurants and bars and flat screen TVs.

The placement of the new screen at a height of 7 meters above the promenade surface will create a boulevard overlooking the entire stadium and the surrounding area. There, a commemorative stone from Death Valley will also be placed on a special pedestal, a reference to the nickname the stadium bears.

What will the second phase of the Clemson stadium renovation include?

The second phase of the renovation, scheduled to begin in 2023, will include upgrading Lot 5 (known as the Rogers Family Lot) and upgrading the team areas on the first level of the WestZone.



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