Edgeley Park

Capacity18 300
Country England
ClubsStockport County FC
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation


Edgeley Park – design description

How did plans to expand Edgeley Park come about?

Back in 2015, the threat of closure loomed over Edgeley Park stadium in Stockport, near Manchester. At the time, developers were bidding to take over the facility, and financially troubled Stockport County FC could have been tempted by a sale proposal. However, the situation was saved by the city, which pre-empted investors and bought the stadium for £2 M.

In January 2020, Stockport-based businessman Mark Stott became the club's new owner, with an ambition to revive and develop the club. At the time, the club outlined a seven-year vision that the team should, in that time, be promoted to the second division (Championship), where Stockport County FC had already played between 1997 and 2002.

In February 2022, the club agreed a new stadium lease with the city, for a period of 250 years. In the summer of 2022, the new owner took over £7.7m of debt held by Stockport County FC. Also in 2022, the team earned promotion to EFL League Two (fourth division).

When were plans for Edgeley Park expansion presented?

In September 2022, the club set out its vision for the expansion of Edgeley Park, which was initially expected to grow to a capacity of around 20,000 spectators (from just under 11,000), and invited supporters and local residents to a consultation which ran until October. In December 2022, the club formulated the conclusions drawn from the consultation and announced further work on the stadium expansion plans.

In March 2024, the club presented updated plans and unveiled new renderings of the stadium expansion, while inviting for another round of public consultation. The club hopes to submit a planning application a few months after the end of the consultation. The first phase of the expansion could start in early 2025.

What does Edgeley Park expansion plans include?

The stadium expansion plan affects three of the four stands, with only the stand behind the west goal (Cheadle End), opened in 1995 and by far the tallest of all, to remain untouched. According to the updated plans, the capacity of the stadium is expected to increase to around 18,300 spectators when all the work is completed. The redevelopment is to be carried out in stages.

What are the phases of Edgeley Park redevelopment to be?

What tasks will be carried out as part of Phase I of Edgeley Park redevelopment?

Two tasks are to be completed as part of Phase I, which could start in early 2025. The first is the extension of the main stand, on the north side (Danny Bergara Stand) towards the east, as well as the creation of a new roof on this stand.

The second task in the first phase is to build a completely new, much larger (matching the height of the Cheadle End) stand behind the east goal (Railway End). This stand is to take over the function of the family stand, which is currently held by the south stand.

What does Phase II of Edgeley Park development include?

Further developments are envisaged in further plans, the timeframe for which has not yet been announced. The second phase is to include the construction of a completely new, much larger (also matching the height of the Cheadle End) south stand (Together Stand). Due to the desire to retain as much as possible of the park space around the reservoir behind the south-west corner (Sykes Reservoir), the new south stand will be somewhat restricted to the west.

What does Phase III of Edgeley Park extension involve?

The third phase involves extending the north stand westwards, similar to the task in the first phase of extending it eastwards. This will bring the stand to a length equivalent to the length of the pitch sideline, but will remain lower than the other stands. Its distinctive brick facade is also to be retained.

How will the capacity of Edgeley Park increase after the extension?

Each extension to the north stand will increase its capacity by 600 seats (1,200 seats in total). The new east stand is expected to hold 4,500 spectators and the new south stand 5,500 spectators, bringing the total capacity of the entire stadium to around 18,300. In addition, after the expansion, all stands are to be roofed (currently the east stand remains uncovered).

What additional changes will take place with Edgeley Park expansion?

Along with the construction of the new stands on the east and south sides, additional car parks are to be built directly behind them. Another car park, for opposing teams' fans, will be located slightly further east, behind Bergara Close, by the railway tracks. The space will also be enriched by new planting and there will be electric car charging stations and cycle parking.

As part of the stadium expansion, more premium/hospitaity areas will be created and the food and beverage offer will be enhanced. Faster entry/exit routes to the stadium are to be created, and better access is to be provided for people with disabilities. Overall, visitor comfort and the match experience are to be improved and the club is to generate more revenue.

The expansion will create more usable space to serve the local community. Sustainability and environmental aspects will be taken into account. Among other things, measures will be taken to promote the use of public transport and getting to the stadium on foot or by bicycle, as well as initiatives to minimise disturbance to local residents.