Stadio San Paolo (II)

Capacity70 000
Country Italy
ClubsSSC Napoli
CategoryDesign not meant to be implemented
Design Futuri Progetti Urbani
Design time 2014


Stadio San Paolo (II) – design description

Instead of downsizing, this vision foresees a large increase in capacity, up to 70,000. This would be achieved by nearly complete demolition of existing structures and creation of a football-specific three-tier layout. 20,000 in the lowermost ring, 15,000 on top and remaining 35,000 in between.

Also the steel roof would be removed and replaced by a new one. Aided by glass-clad facades the stadium would gain a rather impressive appearance. That, combined with great access via roads and public transport, would allow the building to become a major commercial/leisure precinct also on non-matchdays.

This imaginative vision understandably received quite some interest in Italy in 2014. However, it never was a realistic alternative to actual demand by SSC Napoli, who have been aiming at downsizing the stadium rather than seeing it grow further.



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