Arena MRV

Capacity47 465
Country Brazil
CityBelo Horizonte
ClubsAtlético Mineiro
CategoryDesign implemented
CostR$ 560 mln
Construction20/04/2020 - 2022
Design Farkasvölgyi Arquitetura
Design time 2014
Contractor Racional Engenharia


Arena MRV – design description

Brand new private stadium of Atlético Mineiro would be built in western Belo Horizonte, in the Califórnia district. The club acquired a lucrative plot of land from MRV Engenharia, lying beside a major avenue and near the ring-road connection. It’s not an ideal piece of land due to high slope, but possibly the best available.

Inspired by club colours (alvinegro, white-black stripes), the new arena comes as the first stadium ever designed by Bernardo Farkasvölgyi, local architect who privately is an ardent supporter of Galo. Before designing, he visited numerous stadiums in Brazil and Europe. His praise of Allianz Arena seems quite visible in this design, though it’s still an original building.

The outer skin will be divided into two kinds of vertical segments: lighter (membrane) and darker. They will vary in translucency, thus ensuring that regardless of the lighting and weather someone is inside or out, there is always an impression of “alvinegro” mix. The building’s peak will reach 11 floors.

Inside there should be room for 46,000 people (initial plans suggested 50,000+). Due to differing height, fans will be entering from different levels. In the west, where a large public plaza is planned, access will be possible from field level. Meanwhile in the east fans will approach the stadium at the height of the middle tier.

The structure and adjoined building will offer Brazil’s largest on-site parking (4,600 cars), club museum and megastore.



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