Nou Camp Nou (IV)

Capacity105 000
Country Spain
ClubsFC Barcelona
CategoryDesign outdated
Design HKS Architects, COX Architects, Batlle i Roig Arquitectes
Design time 2016


Nou Camp Nou (IV) – design description

It’s the only finalist of FC Barcelona’s competition that foresees a strong aesthetic difference between existing Camp Nou and the addend expansion on top of current stands. Though monumental themselves, the stands holding 99,000 people would be topped by a soaring west side. This way a stunning impression would be created for visitors entering the expanded main stand.

Though equipped with greater concourses and equipped with additional access routes, the current stands would retain their sharp, concrete appearance. Meanwhile the new roof and added sections on top of the existing stadium would be smoother and more dynamic, providing interesting contrast between tradition and modernity.

This vision by HKS Architects, COX Architects and Batlle i Roig Arquitectes gained recognition during the official international competition, reaching the final shortlist. However the winning bid came from Nikken Sekkei and Joan Pascual i Ramon Ausió Arquitectes.



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