Dammam Stadium

Capacity40 000
Country Saudi Arabia
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
Cost$ 387.5 M
Design Foster + Partners


Dammam Stadium – design description

Why have plans been made to build a new Dammam Stadium?

The architectural concept for Dammam Stadium was prepared by UK studio Foster + Partners. The plans for the new arena came about as a result of Saudi Arabia's bid to host the 2027 Asian Cup, with Saudi Arabia confirmed as the host of the tournament on February 1, 2023. Dammam Stadium is to host the group stage matches, as well as one ⅛ of the final and one quarter-final.

What does Dammam Stadium concept entail?

In order to give the stadium an original character, linked to the place where it will be built, the leitmotif is the whirlpools that occur naturally in the waters of the Persian Gulf near Dammam. The building will therefore be given a dynamic spiral form, intended to evoke a whirlpool from a bird's eye view.

The arena's composition imitating swirling water will be given by repeated, overlapping façade and roof segments. The pattern will continue with a system of paths spiralling away from the stadium.

The gaps between the individual façade segments will find their use as ventilation ducts through which air will enter the interior. Special nets will be stretched there to catch moisture in the air and inhibit the entry of dust.

The stadium will be given a football layout and the two-level stands will be able to accommodate 40,000 spectators. The design includes hospitality areas, lodges and skyboxes, which will be located on the west side. The facility will be suitable for football matches and other world-class events.

Where will Dammam Stadium be built?

The new stadium will be built several kilometres southeast of Dammam's city centre, in the Dammam Sports City area, where the facilities of Ettifaq FC and Al Nahda Club are located. The area is actually already located on the northern edge of Al-Khubar city, which is part of the Dammam metropolitan area.

What role will Dammam Stadium play?

As the largest stadium of its kind in the region, after the Asian Cup the facility is expected to serve the local community and be used by local football clubs. It is possible that it will help Saudi Arabia in its bid to host more major sporting events.



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