Gewiss Stadium

Capacity23 370
Country Italy
ClubsAtalanta Bergamo
CategoryDesign being implemented
Cost€ 40 mln
Design De8 Architetti


Description: Gewiss Stadium

Atalanta asked De8 Architetti to redesign their stadium. It's the same architectural practice that had previously worked on renovation of two current stands and Atalanta's training center. While officially the project went underway only after the stadium was sold to Atalanta in 2017, preparations were ongoing earlier as well.

As obliged by the municipality of Bergamo, the architects did not alter existing, historical facades and roof of the two stands along each side. This meant the need to accommodate more people within each end, for the first time created in rectangular form, without a running track.

In order to reach the anticipated 24,000-seat threshold, the stands' heigh rises towards the end. New sections will have 21 rows near the historical stands and grow to 37 at full height, retaining single-tier layout.

Due to constraints of spatial and architectural nature, the stadium will have a simple yet elegant outer form. Covered with ETFE cushions in grey colours, it will only have slight accents of black and blue.

A large public plaza of over 6,000 square meters will be created in front of the south stand, with significant commercial floor space. To maximise the public space, tursntiles are hidden under upper rows of the stand itself. Parking existing on the site before will be pushed under ground.



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