Jeddah Central Project Stadium

Capacity45 000
Country Saudi Arabia
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
Design gmp Architekten, Khatib & Alami


Jeddah Central Project Stadium – design description

Why is a new stadium planned in Jeddah?

After several years of planning, the implementation in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia's second metropolitan area after Riyadh) of the so-called Jeddah Central Project, an urban concept involving the revitalisation of a 5.7 million m² area covering 9.5 km of coastline, was announced at the end of 2021. The project is expected to cost 75 billion Saudi rials ($20 billion) and is being developed by Jeddah Central Development Company, subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund.

Among other things, the plan is to create a marina for luxury yachts, a waterfront hotel base or exclusive flats. An opera house, an oceanarium, a museum as well as a football stadium are also part of the project.

What will the Jeddah Central Project Stadium be like?

The new stadium is to have a football-specific profile and comply with FIFA standards, with a capacity of 45,000 spectators. Its architecture is to follow the local style, combining tradition with modern technology. The venue will be air-conditioned and its roof will be equipped with movable elements, giving the possibility to control sunlight and temperature. The surrounding area will include entertainment facilities, such as an e-sports centre.

When will the Jeddah Central Project Stadium be built?

In 2022, some of the buildings on the site of the planned project were demolished, including the Air Defence Stadium (the new stadium will replace it in a sense). On July 18, 2022, a contract was signed with gmp Architekten and Khatib & Alami, who will handle the design of the stadium. The entire Jeddah Central Project is to be built in three phases (the first by 2027, the second by 2030 and the third after 2030), the stadium is envisaged in the second phase, so it is expected to be operational by 2030.