LFF Stadions

Capacity5 700
Country Latvia
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
Cost€ 10 mln
Design Remm Arhitektu Birojs
Address Krišjāņa Barona ielā 116a, Rīgā, LV-1012 Latvia


LFF Stadions – design description

New national stadium of Latvia is planned in the location of existing (but severely dilapidated) Latvijas Universitates Stadions, along two of Riga’s major avenues. The plot already is very accessible, allowing fans to use buses, trams and trolleys to get there.

From 2017 onwards this is expected to heart of become Latvian football. Current stadium will disappear entirely, while the field will be rotated 90 degrees. In the new layout enough room will be created to accommodate both a training field (not full size) and a parking site.

First time ever four grandstands will be built in this location, allowing to enclose the building entirely. Still, capacity will stay at a modest number of 5,700 seats. That’s because long-term analysis has shown that national team games since 1991 were attended by 5,200 people on average.

All of the project is to be carried out by the Latvian Football Federation (LFF). However, the body could not afford it without financial grant from UEFA, who are expected to invest €8.5 million of the €10 million needed. Remainder should be secured through bank loans.



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