Walton Hall Park Stadium (I)

Capacity50 000
Country England
CategoryDesign outdated
Cost£ 300 mln
Design Idom
Design time 2015


Walton Hall Park Stadium (I) – design description

In 2015 Everton invited a number of renowned architectural offices to create their visions for a new football stadium in Walton Hall Park. The aim was to fit a 50,000-seat stadium within the leisure complex and have it accompanied by secondary commercial outlets.

The invitation resulted in a number of interesting studies. This one by Basque office of Idom suggested a very intimidating stadium that would offer a 17,000-capacity stand for home supporters. Families and corporate guests would each receive 4,000 seats.

The proposal of relocation just over 1km north-east was met with vocal opposition from local residents, who would lose at least a portion of their park. Eventually the project was scrapped in 2016 for a different reason: even with secondary commercial use it wouldn’t have been financially feasible.



  • Walton Hall Park Stadium (I)
    2015 © Idom

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