National Football Stadium

Capacity18 099
Country Northern Ireland
ClubsLinfield FC
CategoryDesign implemented
Construction09/10.2013 - 2016
Design time 2012
Address Donegal Avenue, Belfast, BT12 6LW


National Football Stadium – design description

The plan provides Tyree New stands for existing Windsor Park stadium, bringing capacity up by some 4,000 seats. But more importantly it is to provide extensive infrastructure for non-sporting and corporate events, improving its commercial potential and possible community importance.

Planning application was filed by the end of 2012, after a 12-week public consultation process. Construction was expected start in September/October 2013 and end in 2015. However, contractor selection ended with a three-month delay and construction is now to start in March/April 2014.

Cost estimated at £35 million will be covered by a 31 million grant from Department of Culture, Sports and Leisure with the remainder supplied by Irish Football Association. Initially the stadium's revamp was to cost £25, then 29, but grew as the project progressed.



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