Jan Breydel Stadion

Capacity12 000
Country Belgium
ClubsCercle Brugge
CategoryDesign outdated
Design Bova Architects
Design time 2015


Jan Breydel Stadion – design description

The concept commissioned by Cercle Brugge envisages complete redevelopment of existing Jan Breydel Stadion, saving majority of its structure. The project is based on the option that Club Brugge will relocate and leave the stadium solely to Cercle.

Due to lower ticket demand, Cercle would reduce capacity from 29,000 to 12,000. Achieving that size within the existing roof will be possible by demolition of all corner sections and spreading seats in the new layout, making it one of the most comfortable stadiums worldwide for regular visitors. Additional corporate zones would also be created, consuming parts of the current stands.

Overall Cercle hopes to create additional 7,000 square meters of space beneath the stands and 4,500 sqm more outside the stadium. To make the stadium feel enclosed, each corner would be filled with a residential block. Altogether the stadium might comprise even 125-150 apartments!    



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