Woking Community Stadium

Capacity9 026
Country England
ClubsWoking FC
CategoryDesign outdated
Cost£ 250 mln
Construction2021 - 2023
Design Holmes Miller


Woking Community Stadium – design description

The successor of Kingfield Stadium in Woking would sit nearly exactly where the old ground is, though slightly moved and rotated. Initially planned as a 10,000-capacity stadium, it was revised in the final planning application to nearly 1,000 fewer seats. Fans will be distributed across four independent stands, without sections in the corners.

The distinctive feature, rare in the UK, is the elevation of the stadium above ground level, including the field. This way additional facilities can be fitted below the football functions. In this case a major medical centre and underground parking for up to 850 cars can be created. Interestingly, all parking positions are to be ready for electric car charging in the future, though only some would be equipped with such stations from the start.

Both the stadium and medical centre are to be part of a much greater development, which would also include 1,026 new apartments (of which 191 affordable). The entire project should consume 250 million.



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