Stadion Yunist

Capacity5 000
Country Ukraine
ClubsFC Ahrobiznes
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
Design time 2020


Stadion Yunist – design description

Stadion Yunist in Volochysk is expected to become one of the most comfortable across Ukraine, even if surely not one of the largest. Its existing main grandstand was already upgraded internally after the establishment of FC Ahrobiznes in 2016, so did the main playing field. The stadium overall, however, still has elements not touched in a few decades.

But that's not enough. Which is why in late 2020 a new vision for the stadium was presented, albeit first in the media rather than officially. The east stand is to be upgraded further, expanded and covered in order to hold some 2,000 people. Similar, though larger in terms of seat count (3,000), west stand is supposed to join it. The running track is to be retained but with lanes narrow enough to not push the auditorium far from the field.

So, within the new layout the stadium would likely hold just over 5,000 people. With Volochysk's population of around 20,000 that number seems impressive enough. The stadium will, of course, get broadcast-ready floodlight masts and new parking zones in the north and east.



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