Stadio Alberto Picco

Capacity12 000
Country Italy
CityLa Spezia
ClubsSpezia Calcio
CategoryDesign being implemented
Cost€ 12.2 M ($ 13.3 M)
Design GAU Arena


Stadio Alberto Picco – design description

What is the condition of Stadio Alberto Picco?

The current shape of Stadio Alberto Picco is largely the result of an unfinished concept by acclaimed architect Vittorio Gregotti. The ambitious plan was conceived in 1989 and envisaged a complete reconstruction of the stadium, which had been in existence since 1919. As part of the project, a new 'Distinti' stand (opposite the main stand) and a stand behind the south-west goal (the 'Curva Ferrovia') were built in the early 1990s.

At the time, money was lacking for further reconstruction. Behind the second gate, where an analogous stand with a characteristic arch-shaped contour was to be built, there is only a makeshift structure based on a framework of metal pipes. The main stand, on the other hand, still remains from pre-war times.

When were the plans for the redevelopment of Stadio Alberto Picco created?

Serious discussions about further redevelopment of the facility began after Spezia's promotion to Serie B in 2012. However, no major project was undertaken in the following years, although smaller renovations were carried out at the stadium, including the installation of new seats and the replacement of the roof on the 'Distinti' stand.

The real impetus for concrete action came with Spezia's promotion to Serie A in 2020. Commissioned by the city, DONTSTOP architettura prepared a feasibility study and visualisations of the stadium showing how it would look after the proposed upgrade. The results of this work were presented on December 11, 2020.

What was the first concept for the redevelopment of Stadio Alberto Picco?

The concept proposed by DONTSTOP architettura was to build a completely new two-storey main stand, increase the capacity of the stand behind the north-east gate ('Curva Piscina') and possibly roof the 'Curva Ferrovia'. The facility was to receive a much richer infrastructure and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The project was expected to take four years to complete and cost €15-20 million (later reports indicated that this figure would rise to €26 million). With the expansion, the stadium's capacity was to increase to 16,057 spectators.

When did plans for the redevelopment of Spezia Calcio's stadium change?

At the beginning of 2021, American investor Robert Platek became the new owner of Spezia. The businessman was keen to renovate the stadium, but after taking over the club there was a revision of previous plans. In May 2021, it was announced that further design work had been entrusted to GAU Arena. The studio was to prepare a more modest concept at a cost of no more than €15 million.

In October 2022, the Spezia authorities announced that they had implemented an economic and financial plan and a feasibility study allowing the redevelopment to proceed in succession. In June 2023, renderings prepared by GAU Arena were presented, showing the scope of the investment to be made.

What are the main features of the new redevelopment plan for the La Spezia stadium?

According to the schedule approved in October 2022, the redevelopment is to be carried out in four phases. The first phase included the construction of the new 'Curva Piscina', already realised in the summer of 2021. The second phase was to be the addition of the side corner sectors to the 'Curva Piscina' at the end of 2022. The third phase (summer 2023) was planned primarily for the modernisation of the main stand, and the final part of the plan was the roofing of the 'Curva Ferrovia' in the summer of 2024.

How is the redevelopment of Stadio Alberto Picco progressing?

In the summer of 2021, the existing 'Curva Piscina' was replaced by a new, larger structure, albeit also based on a framework composed of metal pipes. At the end of 2022, the same grandstand was enhanced with additional segments on the sides.

In June 2023, a phase involving the modernisation of the main stand began. As part of this part of the work, new seats will be installed in the grandstand, the changing rooms will undergo renovation and a new building will be added on the outside to accommodate the media, hospitality area and additional rooms.

The investment will culminate in the construction of a canopy over the 'Curva Ferrovia'. This phase is scheduled for the summer of 2024. The total cost of the four-phase redevelopment of the La Spezia stadium has been estimated at €12.2 million. After the upgrade, the capacity of the venue is expected to be a minimum of 12,000 spectators.



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