King Fahd International Stadium

Capacity50 000
Country Saudi Arabia
ClubsAl-Shabab, Al-Hilal Saudi FC, Al-Riyadh
CategoryDesign outdated
Construction2017 - ?
Design Schiattarella Associati


King Fahd International Stadium – design description

Created in Italy and praised in Saudi Arabia, this vision of Riyadh’s national stadium upgrade is based on one crucial principle: not changing the original 1982 design, rather enhance the iconic stadium with its landmark roof.

Primary changes see complete reconfiguration of the west stand’s VIP and hospitality areas. The stadium will be expanded by a new artificial hill, connecting the interior with VIP parking areas (1,000 cars) and a plaza, as well as new entry routes for fans. All of these spaces will now be covered and protected from heat, providing more comfortable infrastructure and changing very little in the stadium’s landscape, improving it rather than reshaping.

Inside the stadium alterations will be much more visible as the building’s second most iconic element, the western royal lounge, will be demolished. Instead, a more traditional (and rational) strip of private boxes and air-conditioned suites will be created.

Existing stands will be lowered on three sides (with only the large east stand retaining both its tiers), eliminating all seats with restricted views that exist since 1987 due to layout of the roof pylons. These changes will result in capacity falling from over 68,000 to 50,000, which means King Fahd Intl Stadium will no longer be Saudi Arabia’s largest one.



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