Stadionul Național Arcul de Triumf

Capacity8 207
Country Romania
CategoryDesign implemented
Cost€ 24 mln
Construction2018 - 2020
Design Dico și Ţigănaş
Contractor ACI Cluj, Athanaeum Construct
Address Bulevardul Mărăști, București, Romania


Stadionul Național Arcul de Triumf – design description

Located in northern Bucharest, the national rugby stadium will be rebuilt entirely for Euro 2020. It will serve as training venue during the tournament, thus the requirement to have high quality hybrid play area of 120x80m.

But the domestic rugby federation will effectively become the project's largest benefactor. Not only will it meet UEFA Category 4 criteria and be eligible for international fixtures, the stadium will offer extensive sporting, training and medical facilities, serving all of the nearby training complex.

Designed by renowned Dico si Tiganas, the stadium's new shape will differ entirely from the 1914 facilities built here originally. The stadium will not have a fully enclosed bowl and yet will be entirely wrapped in cladding. Part of its in the south-west will be transparent, visually opening the stadium to the Cașin Monastery just across the street. Meanwhile the stadium's southern facade will lead pedestrians towards Bucharest's Arcul de Triumf, which it owes its name to.



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