San Siro (I)

Capacity60 000
Country Italy
ClubsAC Milan, FC Inter
CategoryDesign not meant to be implemented
Cost€ 100 mln
Design Studio Aceti


San Siro (I) – design description

Curated by prof. Riccardo Aceti of the Milan Polytechnic, this concept envisions upgrades to the legendary San Siro in line with modern demand without removing much of existing facilities. It's thus opposed to the official idea of Inter and Milan which want to demolish the stadium entirely.

The key idea is removal of the third tier of seating, which is very rarely used anyway. It would be replaced by a vast gallery, hovering some 40 meters above ground. It would see some of the premium seating moved here, but also provide a number of commercial, leisure and sport uses for everyday use, all with a stunning view of the city.

According to the design team, the conversion could be done very economically, within just €100 million. It also has the benefit of being feasible without necessity of relocating football games at any point. Demolition would be carried out during two summer breaks, while construction of new amenities would likely take two seasons without significantly complicating everyday use.

The prime advantage of this solution is preservation of both the historical 1955 spiraling stairways as well as 1989 towers and roof.



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