Zhengzhou OSC Stadium

Capacity60 000
Country People's Republic of China
CategoryDesign implemented
Construction05/04/2016 - 2019
Design China Southwest Architectural Design and Research Institute Corp.
Contractor China State Construction Engineering Corporation Ltd


Zhengzhou OSC Stadium – design description

This almost-Olympic-sized complex is being built in western Zhengzhou, beside the city's fourth ring-road. It will occupy 57 hectares and become part of the district's largest leisure precinct. At its heart, a massive stadium for 60,000 people. East of it, a 16,000-seat indoor arena and 3,000-seat natatorium. Around the three main buildings a large public plaza and partly-indoor training facilities.

The main stadium, designed by China Southwest Architectural Design and Research Institute, has been dubbed by parts of the online community as the second “bird's nest”, supposedly following the example of Beijing's national stadium. However, aesthetically very few similarities can be seen despite the nickname being accepted by mainstream media in China.

While the metallic outer wrap consists of metallic weaves, the main similarity to Beijing is how much steel the project needs. The primary steel structure, covering both the roof and facades, is expected to weight a stunning 20,000 tons, spanning across 300 meters! Upon this structure not only the roof's sheet will be based, but also one of China's largest stadium solar plants.

Construction of the stadium began in April of 2016 and by October 2017, all primary concrete works have been concluded. Opening of the entirety is planned for 2019. After inauguration the stadium will outgrow all other sports arenas in the Henan province.



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