Stadion MOSiR Krosno

Capacity5 500
Country Poland
ClubsWilki, Karpaty
CategoryDesign implemented
CostPLN 12.669 M
Contractor AGZ


Stadion MOSiR Krosno – design description

How did the project to expand MOSiR stadium in Krosno come about?

In 2018, the speedway club KSM Krosno ceased its activities. At the same time, a new team called Wilki (Wolves) Krosno was formed in its place. The officials of the new club have set ambitious goals for themselves, including organizing the club's activities in a professional manner, promotion to the Ekstraliga in a few years' perspective or bringing about the modernization of the stadium.

However, the modernization of MOSiR stadium, which is also used by Karpaty Krosno footballers, was mainly the responsibility of the city, which was the only one able to bear the considerable investment costs. After Wilki were promoted to the first division in 2020, in the first half of 2021 the city, at a cost of around PLN 6 million, installed floodlight masts and additional seats for spectators at the stadium.

What was the first concept for the expansion of MOSiR stadium in Krosno?

In 2021, a project was created to extend the facility with a new stand on the south arch. It was to accommodate 2,253 spectators and be equipped with a canopy that would also act as an acoustic screen. A tender was announced in December 2021, but the bids received by the magistrate (the lowest at PLN 19 million) exceeded the city's financial capabilities and the contractor was not selected.

How did the concept for the expansion of MOSiR stadium in Krosno change?

For cost-saving reasons, it was decided to reduce the scope of the tasks, resigning mainly from the roofing of the stand, as well as from the lift, the electronic service system or the installation of a sound system. The area of the planned car parks was reduced, and the capacity of the new stand was also slightly reduced (to 2,200 spectators).

What are the assumptions for the redevelopment of MOSiR stadium in Krosno?

The plan is primarily to build a new stand on the southern curve of the stadium. The new stand is designed as a 10-row stand, divided into 8 segments, with entrances in the form of vomitories. It will have seating for the disabled and a visitors' sector and will be 8 m high.

The stand has been designed to allow for future extension in a north-easterly direction (replacing the current covered stand). The structure will accommodate 2,200 spectators, increasing the capacity of the entire stadium to around 5,500 seats.

In 2022, Wilki Krosno won a historic promotion to the Ekstraliga. The success entailed further investment in the facility, for which the city has allocated further funds. Additional works will include the expansion of the machine park, the construction of a linear drainage system for the track, the narrowing of the southern curve (so far it has been two meters wider than the curve on the opposite side), the replacement of the flags and the renovation of the referee's tower.

When will the expansion of MOSiR stadium in Krosno be carried out?

In March 2022, the contractor was selected, which was the Krosno-based company AGZ. The value of the signed contract is PLN 12.669 million. As part of a separate task, an energy connection for the floodlights, which have so far been powered by generators, is also to be made for PLN 1.6 million. Following Wilki's promotion to the Ekstraliga, a further PLN 4 million was allocated for additional work.

The project is being carried out under the design and build system, and the contractor was tasked with a new design, incorporating changes dictated by cost savings, before commencing construction of the stand. Construction work began in the summer of 2022 and the stand was originally scheduled to be ready by the end of November 2022, but the work has been extended and commissioning is likely to take place at the end of February 2023. The facility will remain functional during construction.