LA Memorial Coliseum

Capacity79 000
Country United States of America
CityLos Angeles
CategoryDesign outdated
Cost$ 800 mln
Design time 2015


LA Memorial Coliseum – design description

The presented renderings show early draft of how LA Memorial Coliseum would change if Los Angeles is granted host rights for the 2024 Olympics. The concept foresees complete revamp of seating within the existing bowl of the stadium.

In athletics mode the Coliseum would be equipped with a raised platform covering some of the lower rows, allowing for a larger playing field and at the same time limiting capacity significantly. However, it should be no less than 65,000 seats for the Olympics. Afterwards some 14,000-15,000 (by the Bid Book indications) would be uncovered and made usable for football, raising the size to 80,000.

The project’s introduction should cost $800 million, of which vast majority would be covered by University of South California, 98-year lease holder and stadium operator. Further structural changes (not part of USC obligations) would require $100 million and additional tournament-purpose alterations should cost $200 million.



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