Wuhan FC Stadium

Capacity60 000
Country People's Republic of China
ClubsWuhan FC
CategoryDesign outdated
CostCNY 2.6 mld / bn
Construction2021 – 06/2023
Design CITIC Architectural Design and Research Institute


Wuhan FC Stadium – design description

The new stadium for Wuhan FC is planned in the north-west of the city, just 5 km away from the international Tianhe airport. Planned just beside the Maijia Lake, the stadium is part of a brand new district of Wuhan, in the Panlongcheng Airport Area.

Despite being located over 20 km away from the heart of Wuhan, the venue is to be accessible thanks to a combination of highways, three subway lines, two light rail lines, one high-speed rail station and sector buses.

Although Wuhan was nearing 20 million inhabitants (metropolitan area) upon announcement of the stadium plans, this will be the very first major stadium to not have a running track. The design competition of 2019 was won by local powerhouse, the CITIC group. Architects proposed modern and sharp forms for all three major sports venues planned: main stadium, basketball arena and main tennis court. Combined, they’re known as the Wuhan Airport International Sports Centre.

Initially the stadium was supposed to hold 50,000 people, however this was later increased to ‘over 60,000’. The design was simplified and optimised, in turn, which meant some of its bold form was lost. As was, it appears from some early renderings, a possible retractable roof.

Although not as crisp as the starting design, the final one is still impressive, offering high-tech features like a panoramic giant screen following the shape of the field or immense screens embedded into the north and south facades.

While dozens of companies and public authorities are involved, the project is carried by the Zall Group, investor of Wuhan FC. It will be the third large stadium for the club, following Wuhan SC Stadium (2017) and Five Rings Stadium (2019-). Fans will enjoy not only double-tiered stands but also extensive hospitality areas, including open plazas, viewing decks and a small shopping centre attached to the building.

Initially construction was set to conclude in late December of 2022, however a slip in delivery caused the time frame to be altered by half a year, to June of 2023.



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