Stadion Dinama (I)

Capacity40 000
Country Belarus
ClubsFK Dinamo Mińsk
CategoryDesign outdated
Design UP Tvorcheskaya Materskaya Architectora B. Shkolnikova
Design time 2013


Stadion Dinama (I) – design description

This concept was awarded 2nd prize in international competition for the conceptual design of Belarusian nartional stadium's redevelopment.

Team of Belarusian architects led by Boris Shkolnikov decided to build stands that would become a contrast to the old, monumental arcades. Single blue sections grow out of the old structure with staircases and roof supports between them.

Beneath the stands 5 levels of usable space are planned, with extensive underground parking. Room for this was generated by moving stands close to the pitch, with no running track. Seating layout seems rather typical with two tiers of comparable size, except of course for the lower level being pierced with roof pylons.



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