Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Capacity62 062
Country England
CategoryDesign implemented
Cost£ 800 mln
Design Populous
Design time 2015
Contractor Mace


Tottenham Hotspur Stadium – design description

Updated Northumberland Project is actually a completely new development revealed in 2015, differing significantly from the vision Tottenham Hotspur had promoted since 2007. What remains nearly unchanged is only the layout of planned stadium (though blueprint rises) and location of a mixed-use development south of the venue.

Shape, size and uses of the stadium have been upgraded. New bowl is larger than that of 2007. It will be covered with metallic cladding like that planned initially, though in an updated form of perforated webbing mosaic. A viewing deck will be created atop the stadium.

Inside it has also grown: from 56,250 seats to 61,000. New layout still includes the planned single-tiered kop stand for home fans. It would be located in the south and underneath that section a brand new feature would be hidden: a storage for retractable field as the stadium is to host both natural turf and synthetic grass for American football games.

South of the stadium the long-awaited mixed use programme is planned, but not with 285 flats. Instead, up to 579 apartments are to be made available, some of them so called affordable housing. Also, a 180-bed hotel is planned, which altogether means buildings will be significantly taller than in the previous planning application.



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