Taran Arena

Capacity15 175
Country Russia
ClubsFK Sibir
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
CostRUB 800 mln
Design Makrus-M
Design time 2016


Taran Arena – design description

New stadium in Novosibirsk would stand on 8 hectares in the north of the city, far from the centrally-located Stadion Spartak. The venue has been planned where the Red Prospect (city’s central avenue) ends, which is also where the subway line may be extended to in the future.

Planned as a UEFA Category 3 stadium (and 1A in Russian domestic ranking), the building could house over 15,000 people in comfortable conditions, on double-tiered stands. The concession stands and toilets would be heated, as would the large business zone in the west.

Covered in simple cladding aimed at imitating a crystal, the stadium would house all domestic and most European games by FK Sibir. It’s part of a plan for the club to reach and retain Premier League level.



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