New National Stadium (XVII)

Capacity80 000
Country Japan
CategoryDesign outdated
Design MenoMenoPiu Architects + FHF Architectes
Design time 2012


New National Stadium (XVII) – design description

Groundbreaking idea in this concept is that stands are not divided into separate rings of seating. Instead, they’re shaped like a ribbon unfolding upwards with almost imperceptible angle of 2°. To offer perfect sightlines the stands’ incline changes from 20° (bottom) to very steep 45° (top).

One major advantage of this approach is that the entire stands are accessible for people on wheelchairs, while traditional staircases and elevator shafts are also available.

The vision has been submitted in 2012 as part of international design competition for New National Stadium of Japan. It wasn’t selected as part of the 12-project shortlist, but we consider it worthy of greater attention.

Part of the requirements of Japan Sport Council was for the venue to host Olympics and World Cup final in optimum conditions. Thus the retractable seating encircling field of play and retractable roof over it.



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