Abbey Stadium

Capacity11 000
Country England
ClubsCambridge United
CategoryDesign outdated
Design Holmes Miller Architects
Design time 2015


Abbey Stadium – design description

Divided into three phases, this planned redevelopment of Abbey Road will be possible thanks to Grosvenor, developer who currently own the plot under the stadium.

First phase will see new north stand built, accommodating 3,500 standing supporters. It will also have roof conjoined with a vast building behind it, one to hold ticket offices, club store, community facilities and more.

Second phase focuses in the west. Current Habbin Stand would be torn down and replaced by a very distinctive new structure, seating 3,000 people. This side will have conference facilities added, facing the picturesque Barnwell Lake. Up to 300 diners or 400 delegates could be seated here.

These facilities should bring annual revenue up by £1 million (or 25%), enabling the club to finance (or co-finance) changes of the eastern main grandstand. Its seating layout would be improved, while to upper levels added. One with new boardroom, director’s lounge, supporters bar, hospitality suites and community spaces. The other – with private skyboxes. This improved structure would receive a fresh cantilevered roof.



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