Stadio Carlo Castellani

Capacity20 226
Country Italy
ClubsEmpoli FC
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
Cost€ 25 mln
Design time 2017


Stadio Carlo Castellani – design description

Complete redevelopment of the Carlo Castellani stadium is expected to follow similar rules to that from 2015, which was eventually scrapped. One by one three grandstands will be rebuilt from scratch with the running track removed to create a football-only venue with as little as 7.5 meters between players and fans. Along the presented schedule south end goes first, then the north and lastly the west stand.

Only the existing east side will remain as it is, although covered and provided with new amenities for supporters. The playing field will be moved closer to this side of the stadium, making even more room for the western main grandstand. It will house club offices and facilities for players, while also ensuring room for 120 journalists and hosting 20 private boxes for VIPs.

Altogether the investment will cover 33,000 m2, of which almost 13,000 m2 will be occupied by new stands. To offset lack of running track Empoli FC pledged to deliver one not far away for local athletes to train at.



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