Stadion Olimpijski we Wrocławiu

Capacity11 000
Country Poland
ClubsSparta Wrocław
CategoryDesign implemented
CostPLN 130 mln
Construction2015 - 12.2016
Design Modern Construction Systems
Design time 2014-2015
Contractor PB Inter-System, ISB Budownictwo


Stadion Olimpijski we Wrocławiu – design description

Changes to the monument-listed Stadion Olimpijski in Wroclaw are to be carried out in a respectful manner, keeping its most valuable elements intact. The brick elevation dating back to 1928 will be revitalized, while sloped east stand and both curves will be retained altogether.

Largest change comes to the west, where a brand new grandstand will be built. Much closer to the track/field and much higher than the remainder, this new section will include 300 VIP and 1,300 corporate seats on concrete prefabs, all covered with a membrane roof.

As part of the scheme four tall masts dominating eastern Wroclaw’s skyline will be torn down. Instead, floodlights will be located under the roof (west side) and on 8 masts directly along the speedway track  (east). This change means that people occupying the east side will meet highly obstructed views.

Demolition works began in Feb 2015 and the entire redevelopment is expected to last until early 2017, before Wroclaw hosts the World Games.



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