ANZ Stadium

Capacity80 000
Country Australia
CategoryDesign outdated
Cost$ 350 mln
Construction10.2015 - 2018
Design time BVN
Design time 2014


ANZ Stadium – design description

The $350-million ANZ Stadium revamp project envisages a new infrastructure package for the 2000 Olympics venue. It’s expected to retain the 80,000+ capacity, while also largely improving the fan experience.

Some solutions are already known from other, newer stadiums. These include retractable roof over the field, covering the stadium with ETFE cushions with dynamic illumination, roughly 2,000 TV’s across the building or ordering football directly to the seat.

Additional hospitality zone is also common already, but the size of what’s planned in Sydney outgrows nearly every other stadium. Also, adding to the retractable stands along the pitch, double-tiered (!) stands behind goals will be mobile, allowing to provide the best conditions to accommodate various sports fields to date. ANZ Stadium will be able to give good sightlines for football, rugby, cricket and Australian football – something not done before.

The building will be surrounded by additional leisure and commercial outlets, inter-connected with a series of pedestrian ramps. The surroundings will include recreation, sports museum, offices, retail, congress and other event amenities.



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