Al Zawraa Stadium

Capacity14 500
Country Iraq
ClubsAl Zawraa SC
CategoryDesign implemented
Construction2012- 2020
Design time 2013


Al Zawraa Stadium – design description

Contrary to most new stadiums in Iraq, this one isn't built in the outskirts, rather at the heart of Baghdad. It will replace the old Al-Zawraa stadium, though 'old' isn't a fitting word. The building was completed in 2002 and demolished after just a decade.

Regardless of the waste, the new plan is certainly far better. A 36,000 m2 plot of tetrangular shape will offer not only a compact football stadium, but also an indoor hall (1,000 seats), swimming pool and 40 guest rooms.

All of the complex will be enclosed by a uniform outer skin, limiting the amount of dust getting inside.

Despite construction having been launched back in 2012, the project suffered from serious delays like many others in Iraq. After restart it's expected for completion by late 2018, though first parts could be ready in 2017.

After an intervention of the central authorities it was agreed that capacity of the stadium would be raised from initial 12,500 seats to a maximum of 14,500 or 15,000.



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